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You may have seen some of the most recent work by illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon:

never forgotten The author, Patricia C. McKissack, won a Coretta Scott King author honor for Never Forgotten (Schwartz and Wade, 2011).

┬áThe Dillons’ reimagining of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ The Secret River (Atheneum, 2011) is sheer beauty. The story was published originally in 1955, but I bet it wasn’t this good-looking.secret river

But have you seen any of their early illustrations, predating their historic 2-year Caldecott shut-out in 1976 & 1977? (1)

Here’s their crewel-work cover for Carson McCullers’ The Member of the Wedding (orginally published 1948; this snazzy edition was put out in 1965 by Time Incorporated) (2).

member of the wedding

The detailed stitching pretty much begs for the large file size.

Interestingly enough, in this, the year of A Wrinkle in Time’s 50th anniversary, I should point out that the Dillons also illustrated a cover for that book in 1979, as did Ellen Raskin, who created the first iconic cover for the 1962 hardback, which I mention in my first post on these cover-designers-turned-children’s-book-illustrators-and-sometimes-authors (3).

Thanks again to the free cart at my library for offering up this little jewel.

1. Check out a range of the Dillons’ covers here.

2. Why, I wonder, is the cover design copyrighted by Time Incorporated? The Dillons’ stitched their names on the back cover, and are given credit on the verso, but not the copyright. Was that simply a feature of doing cover work for large companies like Time that made a business of reprinting earlier works?

3. You can find that post here.