Minders of Make-Believe

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Five books on children’s literature (1) (2).
1. Minders of Make-Believe: Idealists, Entrepreneurs, and the Shaping of American Children’s Literature by Leonard Marcus. Houghton-Mifflin, 2008.
One of our foremost scholars of children’s literature. He has many books, but I picked this one because it’s an excellent overview of children’s books, writers, and publishers. Read his columns in The Horn Book, too.
2. Sticks and Stones: The Troublesome Success of Children’s Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter by Jack Zipes. Routledge, 2001.
One of our foremost scholars of fairy tales, also editor-in-chief of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature.
Children's Literature
3. Children’s Literature: A Reader’s History from Aesop to Harry Potter by Seth Lerer. University of Chicago, 2008.
You should not be surprised at the number of books on children’s literature that have Harry Potter in the subtitle. A look at children’s books as far back as they go.
4. A Family of Readers: The Book Lover’s Guide to Children’s and Young Adult Literature by Roger Sutton and Martha V. Parravano. Candlewick, 2010.
A guide for those who love books and are looking for the next great book to share, written by The Horn Book staff. Organized by theme.
5. A Broken Flute: The Native Experience in Books for Children by Oyate. AltaMira, 2005.
A book of essays on the Native American perspective on children’s books, classic and modern (3).
1. Interlibrary loan. Do it now!
2. Subject headings for doing a library catalog search for more materials:
Children’s literature–history and criticism
Children’s literature, English–history and criticism
3. Also read Debbie Reese’s blog: American Indians in Children’s Literature